Concept and feasibility studies
Assessment of concepts for wind turbines or their components as well as comparison with competitors or taking into account special requirements for concerted product developments.

Certification support
From the selection of the certification body and the guidelines, over the accompaniment of the examination up to the release of the certificate, we support you throughout the certification process.

Expert opinion
In complex issues, we support you with our independent technical analysis and expert assessment to find solutions for your project or in conflict situations.

Damage investigation and root cause analysis
- Inspection of damaged components including evaluation
- Analysis of the root cause and course of damage, where necessary with the help of SCADA data. Recommendations for prevention.

Design review
Evaluation of designs or design drafts under the aspect of technical optimization under consideration of the manufacturing and assembly possibilities

Seminars and training
Imparting of well-founded expert knowledge in wind energy technology or special topics. Configuration of the training content according to your individual needs.