Load simulation and aerodynamics
Load simulations with aero-elastic structural models according to recognized guidelines such as "GL Guideline 2010" or "IEC 61400-1" for further structural calculation or certification projects

Energy yield study 
Determination of the energy yields of wind farms under consideration of the local wind conditions and optimization of the farm lay out configuration

Structure calculation of tubular steel towers 
Calculation or redesign of tubular steel towers according to current national or international standardization

Life time extension of wind turbines
Execution of the analysis for the determination of possible continued operation of wind turbines after design life time according to the DIBt guideline and current BWE principles as well as DNVGL standard

Analysis and evaluation of load / structural measurements
Evaluation of measured data with regard to structural loading, comparison with simulation data, evaluation and recommendation

Analysis and evaluation of wind measurement data
Determination of the site specific wind potential including all statistical evaluations of the wind data according to recognized regulations